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The diagnosis of a benign lesion is made by the dermatologist when a lesion does not cause a risk of harm for the health of the patient. Examples of benign lesions include (non-exhaustive list): seborrheic keratosis, nævus (mole) of a benign nature, cherry angioma, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tag, milium, benign cyst and dermatofibroma.


All procedures can leave a scar.


The patient who believes that the amounts billed after December 6th, 2015 are for services insured under the Health Insurance Act or fees relating to their dispensation can, within five years of payment, make a written claim for reimbursement to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec. When it is of the opinion that the amounts billed are not allowed, the Régie reimburses the patient and recovers the same amount from the professional or third party who billed for the services.

Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) of benign lesions

1-3 lesions - 100$

Additional lesion - 10$

Skin tag removal
1-3 lesions - 100$

Additional lesion - 10$

Electrocautery of benign lesions

1-3 lesions - 100$

Additional lesions - 20$

Surgical excision of benign lesions (ex: benign mole)  


Elliptical excision of benign lesions (e.g. cyst)  

Head and neck: 500$

Body: 400$

Treatment of eyelid xanthelasma with trichloroacetic acid


Laser treatment - coming soon


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